uSMART Softcopy Satellite

Map from IKONOS/GeoEye or WorldView Satellite images by changing only 1 button in the Softcopy Project.

Users can map from Satellite images in uSMART by simply selecting the Project format as Satellite (RFM) IKONOS/GeoEye or WorldView (Satellite). The Rational Function Model is integrated into the uSMART Softcopy system so there is no need to follow a whole new set of rules just because you are using satellite images.

Users can map directly from the Satellite images using only the RFM information or they can add Control Points to refine the RFM information. Control Points are observed in the Softcopy Relative and Absolute Orientations dialog box, the same as for conventional aerial projects. The RFM details can be viewed under Model Details and the Mean Square Errors of the Control Points (if there are any) are also displayed here.

Users can also improve the Relative Orientation and remove possible Y-parallax by reading relative points in e.g. the six Von Gruber positions.

Mapping, Grid correlation and Orthophoto creation are done using the same uSMART functions.

Below is a short fly-through created from the mapped data and the orthophotos which was created from 2 IKONOS stereo pairs: