uSMART Softcopy Orthophotos

Create the best Orthophotos with NO seamlines and consistent colour that will thoroughly impress your clients!

uSMART generates very high quality and accurate "True Orthophotos" which can subsequently be used for display, printing and precise measurements. The routine is truly user friendly. Once features have been mapped and TINs/DEMs created (in itself highly automated in uSMART), it takes little more effort than specifying the output file name(s) to create True Orthophotos.



Balancing and Feathering (mosaic creation) can be done as a single step during Orthophoto creation or afterwards. Results are truly outstanding as can be seen in the examples above where the "After" images have similar tonal values and no seam lines i.e. there are no visible joins. Images can then be clipped to any conceivable size and shape in a batch process e.g. according to a user specified sheet layout, etc.

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