uSMART Softcopy

Aerial Triangulation

Easily interact between the Aerial Triangulation and the Observations.

The "Bundle Block Adjustment" (least squares method) routine is an extremely powerful and easy to use aerial triangulation routine. This routine interactively communicates with the "Softcopy Relative/Absolute orientation" routine and the "Softcopy Navigator". Observed data is received from the relative/absolute orientation routine, the bundle block adjustment routine processes the data and, as one of the output options, will pass the triangulated data back to the "Relative/Absolute Orientation" routine. There is no need to type in point names and coordinates, as this data is all taken from the "Relative/Absolute Orientation" routine. The "Bundle Block Adjustment" routine provides for many user requirements, e.g. "flagging" of maximum residuals and provides for various display options and user functions.

Triangulated data can be output for use on other systems or passed back to the current project. The calculated points can be saved as "SPoints" and a wire frame model of the triangulation can be produced for archiving and printing.

The "Bundle Block" routine works jointly with the "Softcopy Navigator" and the "Relative/Absolute Orientation" routine, making it possible to move to a point with undesirable residuals. Here the user need only click on the point in the "Bundle Block Adjustment" dialog box and the cursor will instantly move to the correct point on the image. Furthermore the point will be activated for possible measurement in the "Relative/Absolute Orientation" routine. A powerful feature of the "Bundle Block Adjustment" routine is its ability to flag (draw attention to) possible problem points. A message dialog box showing a warning message will appear if any incorrect points were measured.