uSMART Softcopy Base

A complete System with all the features you expect and a whole lot more!

Create and Incorporate Mass Data
When combining the uSMART Mass Data Module (MDM) with Softcopy, there is no need to break up large jobs! Billions of points can be imported from LIDAR to create TINs and make thousands of Orthophotos without any user intervention. With the MDM, all the models in the job can be correlated at the same time and all the break lines can be mapped in 1 file. From this users can create the TIN and do contours over a massive area as well as make all the Orthophotos in one go.

Seamless Mapping
In the uSMART Softcopy system users are able to create truly seamless maps. Features can be mapped in their entirety i.e. across multiple "Models" (stereo image pairs). Models change automatically while the user is mapping across the project i.e. the user needn't change the models manually (if set to do so). Whilst moving from one stereo pair to the next, the software will change images virtually instantaneously and the user simply continues mapping the feature. Thus it is far more efficient to create "clean" data.

Effortless Error Correction
At absolutely any stage in the project corrections can be made. As the changes are executed, all relevant data is immediately recomputed e.g. new control point residuals are instantaneously displayed on changing camera or lens information (or any other aspect of the project). If mapping has already commenced, the mapped elements can be transformed to their correct positions at the touch of a button. Each vertex (node) is recomputed with the corrections applied. This means that features are replaced in their correct positions as if the user had originally mapped the feature correctly e.g. a road edge is not simply transformed to a new position but each vertex of the line-string/curve making up that road edge is recomputed according to the Model used (regardless of how many Models it passed over). Data spanning multiple files can be automatically corrected in a single step.

Clean data
uSMART creates clean data therefore it is not necessary to spend hours cleaning data for GIS, etc.