Latest Softcopy Developments

At SmartTech we are driven by our users' needs and are always open to improvement suggestions. Support for ADS cameras, true orthophoto creation and Distributed Processing are some of the latest additions.

Distributed Processing for Grid Correlation

Use all the Computer Systems that have a uSMART licence to participate in the production of DTM's using Grid Correlation. All active Computers process the Grid, which is divided into blocks, simultaneously. This is particularly useful when doing per pixel correlation because a job can be completed more efficiently with all the Computers finishing their tasks (blocks) at approximately the same time.

  • 90 Million points correlated in 20 hours with 4 processes.
  • Tasks are run in the “background” i.e. in a separate “thread” in Windows OS. This means that users can continue mapping while the Grid Correlation works in the background.
  • Controlled via a text file which can be viewed in any text editor.
  • All users can monitor the Distributed Processor file.
  • If any Computer happens to fail, it will be reintroduced into the process without any problems once it is again restarted.
  • The ability of any Computer being able to add or remove itself from the process allows maximum versatility for users.
  • Computers can be “clustered” to complete certain portions of a project.
  • Computers can be remotely started e.g. start all systems on standby.
Support for ADS Cameras (Leica ADS 40 and ADS 80) Simply change the project format and all the necessary adjustments are made to the various routines automatically.
  • Very fast project setup using the Support files.
  • Automatic model creation.
  • Can use STR images that are limitless in size.
  • Efficient memory handling for the large images.
  • Correlate across all the models into the MDM.
  • Manipulate billions of points created from e.g. the correlation without breaking the job into smaller parts i.e. work seamlessly across all the models.
  • Add break lines and create a TIN for the entire job.
  • Create massive orthophotos fast.

True Orthophoto creation

Creation of true orthophotos i.e. orthophotos where the dead/occlusion areas are filled from neighbouring images, can be done in an automated procedure in uSMART.

  • 3-D city modelling is becoming more prevalent in the industry.
  • Some of the current routines in uSMART were recently extended and improved to simplify the creation of true orthophotos.
  • A triangulated irregular network (TIN) that substantially represents the roof geometry of the buildings is used to determine the dead/occlusion areas.
  • uSMART Structures (buildings) can be automatically incorporated into the TIN.
  • Existing mapped lines are made into uSMART Structures at the press of a button.
  • With the uSMART MDM, it is possible to TIN massive areas for orthophoto production.
  • Automated options exist to prevent typical problems such as “roof pixels” being placed on the ground and colour differences in the “new” pixels.