uSMART Orbiter Viewer

Easily Navigate through your data.

The Orbiter routine is an extremely powerful 3D viewing tool for spinning around objects and navigating through your Views. It is best used with a 3 or 4 axis joystick but can be used without.

The Orbiter makes use of 2 points in the design file for viewing. The first is the "View point" which can be seen as the point that you are "viewing" from. The second is the "Target point" which is the point that you are "looking" at. One can then move around either one of these points or move both together to move through the data. The display depth is set in front and behind the target point, limiting the amount of data that is seen at any point in time.

Create impressive Fly-throughs.

uSMART fly-throughs work differently from most other software packages that create fly-throughs in that the user needn't set up a path first. All the user has to do is capture the required views and a path will be interpolated from the recorded view settings. Therefore to create a fly-through the user needs to have the Orbiter active and then capture "scenes" in the active View.

After recording all the required "scenes" or set-ups, the routine will interpolate positions between the manually recorded points, effectively creating a path for the fly-through. Set-ups can be added or deleted at any time to alter the path that has been interpolated. AVI files are created by capturing each set-up position. These AVI files may then be edited in an external package to add music, logos etc.