uSMART Volumes

Calculate volumes very accurately between ANY surfaces from any perspective.

The uSMART Volume Compute routine is used to calculate volumes between two ground (terrestrial) surfaces (viewed planimetrically) or between oblique surfaces lying at any angle.

uSMART VolumesWhen used in conjunction with the uSMART Mass Data Module (MDM), volumes can be calculated over massive areas. Volumes between point clouds can be done without breaking the project up into smaller areas i.e. a volume over the entire job can be done.

Individual areas can be specified for the computation using for example element shapes, fence, circles and views. Various clipping options are also available e.g. Inside with Clip, Outside with overlap, etc.

A positive and negative volume is calculated in areas where the volumes are "cutting" through each other. If for instance, the volume of a dam is calculated you need the surface of the dam floor and the "height" of the water level. An island inside the dam forming part of the dam floor surface is computed as a negative volume. Everything below the water, therefore has a positive volume and everything above the water has a negative volume (or vice versa).

A bulking factor can be applied to the computed volumes i.e. either increased or decreased.

Various output formats are already available and more may be added in the future on user requests.