uSMART Mapping Tools

SText (Survey Text)

The fastest way to place CAD text!

The SText routines are generally used to place commonly used text elements although they can be used for general text as well. Users often find that they want to place text with the same or similar attributes in a design file. The SText routines are designed to streamline this process so that it is not necessary to set the attributes and even the actual characters each time text elements are placed.

Let us take the example where the text "Land" is commonly drawn on a map. The client requires that this text element be placed always with the same attributes e.g. colour, line level etc. By simply selecting the "Land" Profile item from the SText placement dialog box the text can be effortlessly placed at the required position without configuring any settings.

SText is also easily configurable in a similar manner to many other uSMART routines via a profile. It is very straightforward to create new profiles or change existing ones in the SText Place dialog box.

uSMART Callouts are completely configurable, from the frame to the terminator symbol and it is painless to set-up and store commonly used callouts. Furthermore, callouts are optimised for use with SPoints. This makes it extremely easy to place the callouts needed for e.g. culverts and manholes. The SPoint's name, coordinates, type and/or user information can automatically be added to the callouts. Invert levels, pipe diameters etc. can therefore be added by simply selecting SPoints.

Watch this tutorial video for more information about the SText routines:

uSMART SText routines

uSMART Callout