uSMART Mapping Tools

Efficiently create accurate maps from Field Surveys, LIDAR, High Density scanners or Photogrammetry, etc.

All the "expected" mapping features are available such as placing points, symbols, contours, structures, cadastre, linear elements, embankments, break lines, etc.

Recently added are the Mass Point (MPoint) routines that are used to represent large amounts of data such as point clouds from laser scanners (LIDAR and Close Range/High Density). MPoints may contain a vast amount of metadata that can be used in various applications. Advanced Editing routines allow for extensive "cleaning" of data such as removing outliers and noise.

Base Mapping Tools Tree Symbol MPoints Tree Symbol Contours SPointSPoint Volumes MPoints MPoints Structures Structures Linear: Wall Linear: Hedge Linear: Wall Cadastre Cadastral SText SText SText Road Symbol Power lines and poles Contours Linear: Road Embankment Contour Labels SLine TIN SPointSPoint SPoint SPointSPoint SPointContours Linear: Path SText SPoint Embankment Contours Linear: Road Linear: Gaurd Rail SPoint