uSMART Base Mapping

This module is the foundation of the uSMART Mapping System.
It has been designed to ease the task of producing final maps.
For example: Field Surveys, LIDAR, High Density scanners, Photogrammetry.

Base Mapping


Triangulated Irregular Network.
Permanent topology. Mapping Tools.
All the routines you need to map. Batch Processor.
Setup multiple procedures to run. Geodetic Routines.
Geodetic and Map Projection conversions.
Ser up User Coordinate Systems. uSMART Configurations.
Configure almost every aspect of the software
to suite your reqiuirements. Transformation or Warping of files. Orbiter Viewer.
Create AVI fly-throughs. Miscellaneous Tools. Sheet Routines.
Add your title block and grids.
Then clip the data for plotting. USB