uSMART Mapping Software

Photogrammetry, Survey, Cartography, LIDAR, HD and Mobile Scans.
uSMART, a Total Software Solution.

SmartTech is a company dedicated to the development of software solutions for people who are serious about mapping. Surveyors, Photogrammetrists, Cartographers, Geologists, Civil Engineers, Hydrographers, GIS experts, etc. use our products extensively to create, manipulate and output their data. Our products are found in Geomatics departments and Mapping organisations across the globe. uSMART is our primary software package which is a mapping package developed to co-exist with MicroStation.

Modules Aerial Triangulation.
Bundle Block Adjustment. 3D Stereo. Orthophotos.
Create perfectly balanced and featherd orthophotos. Softcopy Module(Digital Photogrammetric Workstation).
The most comprehensive softcopy system available. Analytical and Analogue 
Stereoplotter Connections. Field Module.
Connect to your instruments
and map in real time. Design Module.
Create Sections. Mass Data Module.
For dealing with billions of points, lines, etc.
The MDM is truly unlimited in capacity. Raster Module.
For image manipulation
e.g. display, batch conversions, clipping, etc. Automatic Correlation.
Pixel matching for DTM creation, etc. Base Mapping Module
All the mapping functions you need.