uSMART Base Mapping Sheets

Place Sheets with your title block, logo, grid lines, etc.

The "Sheet" routines are used for the placement, extraction and plotting of sheets. "Standard" sheet sizes are available and any user configurable size may also be placed. The routines are extremely versatile and they should therefore meet all users' requirements.

Grid lines are placed at user defined intervals and the grid text can be changed to meet the clients' needs. Many of the elements such as symbols and points placed with uSMART can be placed as being "Sheet Dependant". This means that when a sheet is placed, these items will be rotated to be parallel to the bottom of the sheet regardless of the rotation of the sheet.

Control point coordinates can automatically be extracted and added to the title block. Sheet names can be added automatically or easily added together with other changing information such as the scale and the date.

During the sheet extraction routine, the area as defined by the "Survey area" (extraction area) is clipped, therefore no elements will be inside your title block or outside the sheet area. If there are images open in the uSMART Raster Viewer, they may also be clipped to the sheet size if so desired.


Cadastre Sheets for Diagrams, Locality Sketches, etc.

Special extraction options have been added to the “Sheet Data” routine that enables quick and easy data addition to cadastre sheets such as property name, area, coordinates and boundary information. The information is automatically calculated and added to the sheet at user specified positions.

Watch these videos for more information about cadastre diagrams and sheets in uSMART:

uSMART Cadastre Diagram Sheets

How to Create Locality Sketches for Cadastre using the uSMART Sheet Routines