uSMART Base Mapping

Miscellaneous Tools


The Linker routine can "fire up" any external program e.g. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, imaging and audio software etc. It can display a message to the user (this message can act as a useful Metadata aid) and it can be used to activate MicroStation commands.

A configuration file is used to link these activities to design file elements. The "Linker Attach" routine is used to attach linkages to elements for ensuing execution via the "Linker Execute" routine.

Export D.T.M.

Export elements as a single coordinate per element or a series of coordinates (in the case of a linear element) to an ASCII file. Supported output formats include SCOP, C.I.P. and Civil Designer.


Display the nodes (vertices or data points) of elements in user defined views using user defined symbology. This routine is purely a user aid and no permanent elements are added to the design file. Arrows may be used to indicate the direction of the linear elements.