uSMART Base Mapping


Configure the Software according to your own specifications.

The "Configure" routines are used to configure those settings that affect uSMART or the particular design file in a general sense. Certain "user preferences" need to affect all the design files of the particular user and others do not. This all sounds very vague so let's be a little more specific.

Let us say that a particular design file needs to have symbols drawn at a scale of 1:1000. This scale must clearly only affect the active design file whenever it is changed, i.e. it must not change those scales previously set in other design files. This setting is therefore specific to a particular design file.

Let us also say that a particular user requires the first coordinate to be called "Easting" and the second "Northing". Although these settings could be stored with the design file, it is more practical (the reasons will be further explained later) to store these settings in the user preferences file. In this way different users using the same design file can actually have certain settings, as they individually require. Using this example, user "A" can configure his settings so that design file "TEST.DGN" displays coordinates as Eastings and Northings, while user "B" can configure his settings so that design file "TEST.DGN" displays coordinates as "Y coordinate" and "X coordinate".

All the settings, which can be changed in the "Configure Job" routine, are stored in the active design file. They are therefore saved as a non-displayable element of the particular design file and are as such part of the design file. If the design file is copied or moved anywhere else these settings will still remain as part of the file.

All the settings which can be changed in the "Configure General" routine are stored in the active user preferences file (the name of this file is actually stored in the "Configure Job" routine). What this in effect means is that if a change is made in this routine all design files (which have as their user preferences file name the same name as the one which has been changed by it) will inherit the particular change. If the "Easting" is changed to "Y coordinate" then all design files (with the same user preferences file) will be in effect changed to "Y coordinate". "In effect" is used here because the actual design file is not changed at all. Only the display of its coordinates etc. will change because of the "user preferences" configuration.