uSMART Batch Processor

Let uSMART work while you relax - set up processes to run in your lunch time, overnight, over weekends.

The uSMART Batch Processor may be used for batching a series of procedures, commands, key-ins or a combination of these processes. The application simply generates user key-ins that are passed to MicroStation.

This routine may be used to do something simple such as opening your dialog boxes on start-up or to run lengthy procedures one after the other. Users can for instance set up the batch processor to run the orthophotos and then start the Raster Clip routine to clip the images to their final size.

Another example of when to use the Batch Processor, is when running macros. First the macro key-in and the path to the macro is typed in as a procedure. If there are any files used in the macro, these may be added in the files tab. The Batch Processor will send the file name as an argument to the macro. Additional arguments may be sent to the macro by adding them to the arguments text field. The Batch Processor will send the procedure to the key-in box, then the file name and then the arguments, placing a space between them. If there are no files, the argument will be placed after the procedure with a space in between.

If there is more than one procedure using the same files, the first procedure will execute using the relevant files and then the second procedure will execute using the relevant files from the same list, etc.