uSMART Base Mapping

Triangulated Irregular Network
(Permanent TIN via the MDM)

Create thousands of orthophotos.
Contour massive areas.
Compute volumes between enormous surfaces.

The permanent TIN topology stored in uSMART Mass Data files consists of shapes (mainly triangles) that are linked together to form a surface. Because the links between the shapes are permanently stored on file it is not necessary to first create the topology before being able to use it e.g. for contour creation. This means that massive areas can be contoured, volumes can be computed, etc. without running out of memory.

NEW! SmartTech enhanced this routine to incorporate images i.e. draping images onto the shapes creating a "solid" 3D image. Orthophotos and flat aerial images (setup in the uSMART Softcopy system) can be used to create 3D City models. In the images below, the image on the left shows the shaded TIN triangles, the image on the right it the same TIN with images draped onto the TIN. Click here for more information about 3D City Modelling in uSMART.